my art as social practice

Chris Bentzen is a Vancouver curator, organizer, button-maker, and soon-to-be gallery owner. A few weeks ago we sat down to talk about art, and one result is this wee video. Chris releases one video weekly featuring a local Vancouver artist. Happy to be included in the roster!

Good luck with your gallery opening, Chris.

Interview with Vancouver artist Sara Ross from bentzen on Vimeo.

  1. Old Mike said:

    Really nice ! ! ! Kept my interest all the way through. You should be proud ! ! !

    • RedSara said:

      awe shucks. a bit sheepish really. but yes, proud too. ; )

  2. Elissa said:

    I really like this. Like, a lot. Beautiful video, beautiful ideas, beautiful lady! I’m glad we’re related!

  3. Yael said:

    how come i only just found your blog now? how absolutely positively wonderful and fabulous. and you look as joy full as ever.

    • RedSara said:

      i miss your lovely self! apologies for the poor promotion, but very glad you find it inspiring.

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