Inspired Action

What do you LOVE?  How does it motivate you to ACT?  What does engaged Buddhist practice offer in a climate of pipelines, oil tankers, coal trains, LNG, and tar sands?  Join us for an evening gathering to share our love for the earth, connect with others, learn about the issues, and pool our knowledge and resources.  Supported by community we will clarify and strengthen our intention towards wise, compassionate and skillful action.  Mountain Rain Zendo  (2016 Wall St) on Friday June 20th at 7:30pm (doors at 7)  Potluck snack contributions welcome.  Advance reflection (optional): take a walk in nature, allow your heart to open, and reflect deeply on what you love.  Bring an offering of love to share.  This event has been inspired by the System Stinks discussion group. “Accepting what is, and working to change it: a curriculum for compassionate action” (from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship)  INFO 778-898-0464

  1. carmenmills said:


    still trying to move bus from romina’s, and get bike from vancouver…patience, patience. all is well.



    • RedSara said:

      watch the beautiful moon reflecting on the water. i camped out two nights ago on the beach. svaha indeed, especially at 6:20am when the first drops of rain fell on my sleeping bag. Love you!

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