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Lucky me, i was invited to create a poster for Starhawk’s visit to Vancouver! What I’ve got now is a sore butt from sitting at my computer for 1+ days. I made black and white version of this poster, plus a two-sided handbill as well.

Reminds me that I’ve made so many posters   which i like   that are not documented in a central area. Plans to create a side page here to collect them into one place.

Use what you’ve got, and i’ve got a rad computer and photoshop.

Started at the studio and dove into my box of Encyclopedia of Weapons of War. I think I have the full set of 24, or almost the full set anyways. Every time i think about using it i stop because it seems horrible, like dwelling in the ‘wound.’ No one would like what i make using images of guns and men and killing.

Decided to create a poster which transforms the image into something positive.

If the weather looks OK i’ll make copies and put them up around town on Oct 31, when people will be out and about in the evening. i’d be happy to get this news!

Note on Process:
I found while doing the repetitive painting within the lines that i was able to maintain my eyes in a soft focus. it was peaceful and felt meditative, like sorting grain or being in the flow.