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very excited to announce
the Video I directed and produced
is finally officially RELEASED.

watch the video at


non-sequenced dance cards    aka shotlist    for a new B:C:Clettes video (did you know we have a new website?)      cards created by combined effort of Alana and Red in Hamilton, Ontario

and the results?     ta daaaaaaa

yes beautiful     i agree     video will feature much stop-motion animation     with stills like these    will gladly post video when complete

NOTE    bron and donna c were both sick on filming day     uug     valiant efforting

what do i feel excited about working on as a bcclettes production? [LINK] i listened to music from our inspiring playlist    and sketch some thoughts to bring to the group.

Reinvent the Wheel
is a gift cycle
where inspiration and skills are shared    passed from heart to heart.
Connected, we find our true power.

Transformational work in this world happens   partly
at a personal and inter-personal level
we invent and share the skills of living in balance.