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Course Poster Gachet

creativity is like a muscle
when you work it it gets stronger

T r a n s f o r m   is a new course starting mid-February being offered as part of Gallery Gachet’s Art School.  Its purpose is to support individuals in their daily creative practice.

for self-identified artists of all abilities, including aspiring.

Note that you can attend the first session with zero obligations to complete the course.

We believe that:
  • By creating art every day we’ll improve in leaps and bounds (both technique and creative prowess).
  • By committing to your practice (and to this course) you’ll find increased confidence in your creativity, and
  • By flexing your creative muscles you’ll gain personal power to shape the world around you, from the mundane to the monumental.

To learn more about this art course please,
CLICK HERE to download Info Sheet.

Course begins Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ANSWER: to transform old structures including:    local and global over-production and resource use     the illusion of separateness within our skin / sense of encapsulated and isolated selves     individual habit-patterns + responses     also     alienation / isolation

I said something similar here

old reused local from a time before vinyl or aluminum when someone got out the brush and made efforts to help the wood last longer.   in my neighbourhood the housingstock decays in mouldy raincoast winter. Nothing on the northside dries nothing on the southside stays fresh

sometimes it’s hard for me to see the links between the intention of my art work   and what is the outcome?   yet ripples expand outwards even if today this work does not feel important
how will the effects of my actions surely carry on with or without me in this life and beyond? this is an important and central question.
this is also a helpful long time     non-linear view of creative practice.

i’ve also said before that PRACTICE:    to repeat and renew effort regularly is important.    with practice my creative muscles gets stronger.    i see opportunities. i feel braver to grab hold of them.

Yar this is the mighty power of transformation.


about a quarter of a year into creating this blog    i am happier    i have succeeded in bringing more active creativity into my life    i notice myself responding to situations differently     i trust my impulses enough to blurt them out into the world     i can generate creative ideas with more grace and ease    this is fun

i see directions   many possibilities are presenting   lucky me    lucky world

my brief current thoughts on creativity