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A project i am coordinating & facilitating: a memorial installation for a cycling advocate who passed unexpectedly. This is the bare-bones invitation to participate in a design gathering, where we’ill chew on the project together. Will the memorial installation appear as a future post?

(This flyer is incomplete.)


16 round tokens with radiating hearts

On the other side these tokens say:  “i will cook food for you”

I made these tokens as an effort to stimulate supportive community. I was heading down to the Occupy Vancouver site, and anticipated being around many people who i had never met. My intention was to strike up a conversation with folks, talk about my art project, and ask them:

“would you be willing to cook food for someone in the next two weeks?”

If willing then i would give my new acquaintance a radiating heart token as a reminder of their inspiration to support another person.

Use what you got.