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i made some flowers for my mom   to celebrate her birthday.
Lilies are her favorite.
She said to me, “ah, now my lilies are not yet over for the season!”

to find her treasure (the flowers) mom followed ten cryptic clues
we laughed at our site-specific foibles, our love of this place,
our family home, temagami. I love my mom.


prepping for a costume     where my familiar
red black and shiny gets mixed with
close inspection reveals my lovely parents
captured here as i show off my new    uh   shirt

rose-coloured glasses gave this picture it’s shine   blue sky   magnolia tree   even a rose-coloured car!

i’m a grammy and everyone is healthy!

mom and dad celebrating     and what a time to be born   in blossoms!

why so happy? my sister’s baby is born!    Heiko Cedar Ingram-Ross

my sister elissa and her husband patrick     proud new parents    i love you all!