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talked about my art last night
and about the astounding value of creativity

at a Pecha Kucha called Recipe For Change
hosted at Cherry Tree Fort Collective House

20 slides 20 seconds per slide
i slid a few animations in there   shhh


thank you cards

for my friends who
led interpretive walks     taught twine-making    created art with nature    talked with birds    and other goodness    at  -Spirit Fish-  a community art and environment festival i helped create last year.   see five more cards Read More

crafting at the Hearth House on a rainy saturday night
delicious food, co-created live music and song
weaving toegther a story of connection, warmth, creativity and support.
ahh… the different shapes of collective houses inspire me!

plus Maggie has    hands down    the best collection of fabric remnants i’ve ever seen.

more about Maggie: something collective [LINK]
and lost and found puppet company [LINK]

what do i feel excited about working on as a bcclettes production? [LINK] i listened to music from our inspiring playlist    and sketch some thoughts to bring to the group.

Reinvent the Wheel
is a gift cycle
where inspiration and skills are shared    passed from heart to heart.
Connected, we find our true power.

Transformational work in this world happens   partly
at a personal and inter-personal level
we invent and share the skills of living in balance.

three bags of tea, gathered and dried, illustrated brown bags

Here we’ve got three teas for three people. The Sweet Gale was harvested in Temagami and dried on a wicker mat in the autumn sun. The Raspberry Leaf is organic from the Beehive House Garden where I live, and the Nettle Leaf is the first harvest of 2011 from an organic swamp on Vancouver Island, Yellow Point to be precise.

I cut the brown bags shorter, then reattached the wire for closing with paper tape from my tape collection. The paper bags were located in the Beehive House bag drawer (previously been used for un-roasted coffee).

Use what you got.

16 round tokens with radiating hearts

On the other side these tokens say:  “i will cook food for you”

I made these tokens as an effort to stimulate supportive community. I was heading down to the Occupy Vancouver site, and anticipated being around many people who i had never met. My intention was to strike up a conversation with folks, talk about my art project, and ask them:

“would you be willing to cook food for someone in the next two weeks?”

If willing then i would give my new acquaintance a radiating heart token as a reminder of their inspiration to support another person.

Use what you got.