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On the banks of beautiful Still Creek in Burnaby, BC i worked with a group of community artists and the Still Moon Arts Society to create the Spirit Fish Festival.

Kyira Korrigan helped me create this Invitation to Mindful Moment    which I image recreating in Stanley Park some day.

You are invited to pass through this arch and into a mindful moment.

Step 1: This journey will be undertaken in silence.

Pause a moment before entering; breathe deeply and let go of words.
When ready, announce your intention to proceed with a ring of the bell.

Step 2: Find a place to comfortably stand near the river. WATCH YOUR STEPS, WHERE YOU PUT YOUR FEET! When you arrive, return your gaze to your surroundings.  Here a river flows.

 Pause for a moment, and listen. What is the dominant sound? Explore the components of the background you are immersed in. Listen a bit longer—let a minute or two pass.

Step 3: As you exit, you may choose to ring the bell again to sound completion of your mindfulness.

More about SpiritFish: video link


the house resounds with a prickle prickle
unspoke judge be farther found
off walls off walks off into the moonlight

you will soon turn into mold and dust
green plants puffing pulling it down

for now it sits empty
white shell a crock of developers bargain
doing nothing for us at all

i’ve been putting off this post because it involved more sitting at the computer       which is what i’ve been doing since 2012 began. lesson about creativity     right now it is more fun for me to just make things.     i am going for a run

do you want to be different?      what shines in your future?

pressing my words into fine silver foil
makes a double sided book with two versions of every mark

(ok and i don’t know how to spell affect)

my product is the manipulations of the thing i make, not the thing itself.    See 13 more pictures Read More