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home made turnip pickle    home roasted warm sunflower seeds    salad    grated beets    red cabbage    sunshine     ✔


skipping into sunshine
where my head disappears

immersed in streets   with the spring springing
still low sunshine smiles
and it is

what a grin!

get giddy go!

camera relic in hand
even speedy shoes can’t go so fast nor penetrate so deeply
as the sunshine
bringing us all out

low hanging into low-lying eddies and cracks
shadows show it
the smell of whitchazel proves it
my head disappears and i see an early bee!

stay tuned for more from this series of sunshine photos…

in this case i was playing with the sunshine
i was on the road tar   on the road   on the tanker
on the trees   and beside me
grasp the fabric of the belt